• All-Day Lunch

    We serve breakfast & lunch all day long and make it to order!


    House Specials 

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    Smoked Chicken-Melt

    Three slices lightly toasted bread, scout's mustard spread, deli turkey, american cheese & provolone cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato. 

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    Smoked Brisket Cheesesteak

    Our in-house smoked brisket w/ peppers & onions, provolone cheese and served on a hoagie.

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    Pulled-Pork Sandwich

    The pulled pork we serve is sourced from a fourth-generation farm in North Carolina that smokes meats over natural hickory charcoal for 10-12 hours to achieve a quality pit-smoked taste.

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    Walking Tacos

    Bag of taco chips filled with your choice of taco meat, brisket, or smoked chicken. Add any taco toppings you want!

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    Scout's Club Sandwich

    Three slices lightly toasted bread, scout's mustard spread, deli turkey, american cheese & provolone cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato.

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    Loaded Homestyle Chips

    Thinkly sliced russett potato chips topped with brisket, smoked chicken, or pulled pork, queso, shredded cheese, bbq sauce and ranch.

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    Homemade Chicken Salad Sandwich

    Made with rotisserie chicken, diced celery, dried cranberries, pecans and our house-made mix ins.

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    12" Flatbread Pizzas

    Buffalo Chicken Ranch

    In-house smoked chicken, mozzerella cheese, blue cheese crumbles, topped with house favorite wing sauce, and homemade ranch dressing.


    The Western

    Smoked chicken or brisket, peppers and onions, black beans, tex mex cheese, topped with spicy alabama white sauce and bbq sauce.


    The Original

    Pepperoni, mozzerella cheese and pizza sauce. 


    We have several delicious sides to accompany any sandwich or to take some home with you to enjoy later! 


    *If you're looking for something specific, we recommend you call ahead, as some of our side items are seasonal and limited in quantity.

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    Artisan Macaroni & Cheese 

    Not your ordinary mac and cheese! This one is made with 5 different cheeses & cavatappi noodles. The noodles are blended with a creamy sauce that contains, artisan white cheddar cheese, club cheddar & cheddar cheese. A mixture of bread crumbs, parmesan, romano cheese, parsley and bacon bits are folded in.

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    Smokehouse Potato Salad

    Made w/ diced potatoes, smoked bacon, scallions & chives tossed in a sour cream dressing.

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    BBQ Baked Beans

    These beans are loaded w/ bacon, our hickory-smoked pulled pork, bell peppers and onions for a hearty and flavorful side dish.

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    Greek Pasta Salad w/ Smoked Chicken

    Penne pasta, our in-house smoked chicken, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese, fresh basil and tossed in our house balsalmic vinegarete.

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    Smokehouse Deviled Eggs

    Served with candied bacon, seasoned bread crumbs, and a dash of nori, these deviled eggs are delectable.

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    Candied Bacon Skewers

    These candied bacon skewers are coated in a brown sugar and maple glaze and caramelized for a sweet and savory treat!

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    In-House Smoked Meats

    Smoking meats such as St. Louis Style Ribs, Half Chickens, Chicken Wings, Slow-smoked Brisket, Cajun Boudin, and Shine Bites (pork tenderloin marinated in TN Blackberry Moonshine. is something we do every weekend.


    If you are wanting something specific, we suggest calling ahead so we can ensure it's reserved for you before we sells out.