• The Destination

    it's packed with protein, full of energy, and easy to carry with you. We often see beef jerky and occasionally turkey jerky or pork jerky. We love them all! So when we stumbled across this selection of jerky made with exotic meats, we had to try it! Each variety is made with premium meat from farms and ranches across the US and is smoked or barbecued and dried to perfection.


    Specializing in German Style Sausage as well as exotic and wild game meat snacks and jerkey.

    All of our profucts are ground, seasoned or cured, and cooked or smoked in-house Zick's, at our family's Specialty Meat Shop in Berrien Springs, MI.


    All natural spices and old-world European sausage recipes.

    All meats are farm-raised and pre and post mortem inspections are preformed on animlas.

    No MSG and Gluten Free!

    Made with top-quality meat

    Seasoned with premium herbs and spices

    Low carb; high protein

    Approx. 50 calories per stick

    Assortment includes Smoked Buffalo, Hickory-Smoked Ostrich, BBQ Boar, Hickory-Smoked Elk, and BBQ Alligator

    Five 1 oz. sticks

    Made in USA